On Bonifacio Day, Amihan National Federation of Peasant Women honors and recognizes the role of Filipino women who joined the Katipunan under the leadership of Andres Bonifacio in asserting our independence during the Spanish colonization. On this day, as we remember the birth of Ka Andres, we honor the female Katipuneros like Tandang Sora and Gregoria De Jesus, and before them the fearless revolt commander like Gabriela Silang. 

“Today, peasant women still protect farming communities and assert their rights to land despite threat and harassment. In Hacienda Yulo in Calamba City in Laguna, female senior citizens body-shielded their family members from the attacks of private goons. At gunpoint by armed men, female leaders and senior citizens continue to appeal and assert their rights, ” exclaimed by Zenaida Soriano, National Chairperson, Amihan National Federation of Peasant Women in a statement. 

Similarly in Dasmariñas City in Cavite, Lupang Ramos’ three-decade legal struggle to protect their land is led my women farmers. They continue to cultivate and protect the remaining agriculture lands in the city not just for their families but for the residents of the province. Women farmers continue to suffer from landlessness due to land grabbing. They continue to feed the country despite the lack of production support and subsidy from our government. 

As the year comes to a close,  Amihan urge the public to demand for land, food and justice for the majority of our population, the toiling masses. “Farmers’ demand for land amid widespread landlessness, poverty and hunger is just and necessary especially when the government remains deaf and blind to their demands. 

“We need to stand firm to defend our fellow women against harassment, militarization and peasant killings. We need to unite and speak against landlessness and fascism. We have been enduring hunger, poverty and harassment due to the Duterte’s lack of support and plans for food security frontliners. It is only just that in honor of Bonifacio and Katipuneras, we call to oust the fascist Duterte regime,” Soriano ended. ###

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