“As VP Leni Robredo finally laid her support for NTF-ELCAC, peasant women in the countryside continues to decry rampant harassment, threat, red-tagging, forced surrender, and constant military presence in their communities. At present, our members in Amihan Isabela and Cagayan are seeking support against the AFP and PNP perpetrators,” exclaimed by Zen Soriano, Amihan National Chaiperson.

She added that in Tumauini town, Isabela, peasant women mothers are experiencing fear and trauma due to constant visits of members of 86th IBPA at their homes and communities. 

The Amihan National Federation of Peasant Women received photos dated November 27, 2021 of a certain Staff Sgt. Jarel D. Liban and Rico Gatan from 86th IBPA visiting farmers and peasant women in Tumauini, Isabela forcing them to sign a document and surrender. The incident was part of the series of harassment, red-tagging, and forced surrender of Amihan members in the region under NTF-ELCAs Barangay Development Program (BDP). 

“We condemn this incident and we demand the AFP to immediately pull out in the peasant communities. Amihan and other peoples’ organizations are legitimate organizations demanding for immediate assistance and production subsidy this pandemic and recent calamities in the region,” Soriano added. 

The peasant women group said that VP Robredo’s as a presidentiable, who should be consulting victims of human rights abuses, prioritized uniting with the human rights violators.  This is enabling human rights abuses and fascism in the country.

“It is like she is attempting to convince the people to support her candidacy but here she is with the very perpetrators that harm the people.  Moreover, she seemed to ignore the Bill of Rights and democratic spirit, the very principles she should be upholding if she becomes president, over her intent to appease the military,” the peasant women leader said.
Finally, the group said that the NTF ELCAC is a Duterte legacy, established by the 2018 Executive Order 70, thus, Robredo should outright repeal this anti-democratic and anti-people measure and abolish the fascist agency.  
“If she continues to keep NTF ELCAC, she is just admitting that she is a fascist, this time branded with color pink,” Soriano ended. ###

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