The Amihan National Federation of Peasant of Women joined the call for “No to Marcos – Duterte” in election 2022. The “sanib-pwersa” of Ferdinand Marcos Jr., and Sara Duterte, who are both associated to regimes of fascist and corrupt rule, was finally announced after a long period of political “drama serye” in the past months. The peasant women group said that the challenge of opposing their candidacies lie on the role of basic masses and the united opposition.

“We must learn from the dreadful experiences of the Filipino people under the tyrannical rules of Marcos Sr. and Duterte. Both ruled with fascism and corruption that generated the suffering of many Filipino families. We have a long list of Marcos’ deception and plunder, while Duterte’s is continuing to pile up, as exposed by his criminal incompetence to respond to the pandemic, and charges of crimes against humanity in the International Criminal Court. Parehong naghirap ang kabuhayan ng mga mahihirap, kasama ang mga kababaihang magbubukid sa ilalim ng paghahari ng dalawang pamilyang ito,” exclaimed by Zen Soriano, National Chairperson of Amihan and a martial law victim.

Amihan asserted that the “tambalan” was based to secure President Rodrigo Duterte from accountability and Sara Duterte’s future plan of finally being president after Marcos Jr.’s term.
“Ang tambalang ito ay may pangmatagalang plano ng paghahari ng dalawang termino, na siguradong paghahari ng mga kontra-mamamayan at kontra-mahirap na patakaran at programa. Kaya, marapat lang na dapat itong biguin sa halalang 2022,” she said.

As the Marcos-Duterte camp is perceived to control government resources and machinery, the group urged the people to be vigilant against the use of public funds for the benefit of their candidacies, and most probable election offenses of vote-buying.

“Nakasalalay ang paglaban ng mamamayan para hindi makapanumbalik ang Marcoses at Duterte,” Soriano ended. ###

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