Amihan urges national condemnation of Duterte’s latest “crime against humanity” against Lumad bakwit Manila, Philippines – The Amihan or National Federation of Peasant Women joined the public in the condemning the latest “crime against humanity” against Lumad evacuees, including more than 200 children and infants, who sought refuge at the United Church of Christ in the Philippines Haran compound in Davao City, and urged more sectors to express the same. It held President Rodrigo Duterte as primarily responsible, as his para-military forces, the very perpetrators of the victims’ forced evacuation are presently raiding the compound and tearing down the wall of the said compound. The atrocity was triggered by a fascist resolution of the Regional Peace and Order Council – 11 to close down the sanctuary.

“This is an open carrying out of attacks to civilians, punishable under the International Humanitarian Law. Duterte has proven again that he is indeed a criminal against humanity. We urge for the International Criminal Court, the United Nations Human Rights Commission and other rights bodies to seriously address this latest atrocity and aid the victims,” Zenaida Soriano, Amihan National Chairperson said in a press statement.

Amihan said that Lumad families staying at the UCCP Haran managed to escape from their communities and their livelihood due to rampant abuses and militarization carried out by the Armed Forces of the Philippines and its para-military groups Alamara and Magahat.

According to SOS Network, UCCP Haran has been a sanctuary of Lumad people since 1994 due to militarization, land grabbing and plunder of their indigenous land in Mindanao.

“Duterte is indeed the number state terrorist in the country, as this abuse clearly affects the victims, especially the women and children. We urge for a national condemnation of Duterte’s crime against humanity, uphold the right to self-determination and ancestral lands of Lumad communities, and freedom and democracy in Mindanao, and the whole country,” she ended. ###

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