Duterte should apologize – peasant women group

April 18, 2016

The National Federation of Peasant Women (Amihan) unites with different women’s organizations and the Filipinos in calling for a public apology from presidential aspirant Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte after his sexist remark on the rape of the Australian lay worker.

“Rape and other forms of violence against women should never be joked about and should be taken and addressed seriously,” said Amihan national chairperson Zen Soriano.

The militant group said that rural women are more vulnerable to rape and other forms of violence and abuse especially with the prevailing culture that considers women as commodities.

“Such remarks encourages and tolerates the existing feudal-patriarchal culture,” added Soriano.

The group said that Duterte should be responsible and apologize for his language and statements.

The group urged him to address the issues concerning women to improve their and their families’ impoverished condition.

“Land monopoly and peasants’ landlessness, agricultural trade liberalization, militarization, and privatization of social services are the main causes of the peasant women’s suffering,” Soriano ended. ###

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